The Carousel by James

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The Idea

Owner, lead buyer and visual merchandiser for over 25 years, James has created a unique boutique full of warmth and laughter. We guarantee a smile and one-of-a-kind items for your home, as a gift or for you to enjoy and treat yourself. We also have a fantastic layaway program. We offer bridal & baby selections for your upcoming wedding or baby shower. You will feel right at home - visit our boutique in Downtown Eastland, Texas.

Our Story

There’s Magic In The Carousel

Once there was a little boy named James. James was a happy little boy and he liked most things in his young life. But, one of his favorite things was having family gatherings at his home. There were lots of cousins to play with, tons of good food and games to play. Best of all, children were always treated like little princes and princesses with many hugs and lots of personal attention.

Mom and James shared a special bond - they both loved carousels. From an early age, James was drawn to Mom’s little cabinet where models of carousels were displayed. Over time, a kind of ritual evolved with James and his mom. James could always count on a look at the treasured carousels; but, he had to be patient and wait until a quiet time. Sometimes the waiting seemed to take forever.

As with many families, food was very important at all BROOKHART family gatherings and Mom was an expert at cooking her loved one’s favorite foods - things like yummy fried chicken, feather light hot rolls, and german chocolate cake. But James favorite time was after the big meal. When all the food was covered and put away, dishes done and grown-ups had divided into smaller groups to play 42 or card games or just talk among themselves. James would put his arm around his moms neck and whisper in her ear, “Now Mommy? Can we look now? Please?” And, of course Mommy, being a typical mother, couldn’t say no to James’s sweet little face!

One after another, Mom brought out her treasured carousels for James to look at and to touch oh so carefully. To anyone watching, it was just Mom and James doing what they always did. To Mom and James, this was their special time, their special bond. James touched each carousel and they talked about the beautiful colors, the different kinds of horses, the decorations on the carousel carriage, and the music that tinkled daintily when the carousels turned.

One day, when James was older - not quite a child anymore, not yet a teenager - James asked his Mom “Mom, why do you love your carousels so much?” Mom just smiled and turned the question back to James. “Why do you love them?”

Watching one of the carousels spinning slowly, gently playing it’s tune, James thought hard before he answered. “I guess maybe its because the colors are bright and pretty. And the music is nice.”

“What else?” Mom asked.

James studied the carousel again. But, trying hard, he couldn’t think of anything else.

“Look at the people, James.” Mom prompted.

James looked over and peered at the tiny figures as the carousel turned.There were small children, older kids, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. “They’re all ages?” James couldn’t understand what his Mom wanted him to see.

“Look closer, James, look at their faces.” Now there was a smile on his Moms face and a light dancing in her eyes.

James sighed as he turned to the carousel again. The carousel with its beautiful colors and decorations was still turning, the music was still tinkling merrily, the people were still there…...James leaned closer and peered intently. Suddenly, his eyes opened wider and he began to smile. Was that what Mom saw, too?

“What do you see, James?”

“They’re all smiling and laughing and happy! Is that it, Mom? Is that it?”

“Yes, James, that is why I love carousels. When you think about them, they are just wood….and metal…..and paint….and music. But, put that all together in a special way and add people… becomes a magical thing! People smile when they’re on a carousel. They have fun. They forget their troubles and laugh and enjoy the moment. Mom put her arms around James and gave him a big hug.

“That’s why I believe There’s Magic In The Carousel”

Style & Quality

Our line is known for its soft fabrics and ease of wear. Relaxed and loose fitting clothing styles that are a combination of elegance with comfort. We only supply high quality clothing at affordable prices.